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Book - Introduction to Crowd Science

The book that supports all of the work on this site is available on Amazon. Click on the book image (right) to order. Click on the links below for graphics of crowds standing, moving and the video clips we use in the workshops of crowds flowing at various densities. 

Note: For the graphics I'm using a 95% percentile body profile. Please note that if you use these to assess crowds then the population demographics (young, old, fat, thin) needs consideration. A typical 14-27 year old anthropomorphically fit British male football crowd is not the same as, say, a USA crowd attending a Superbowl event. Backpacks, picnic hampers, children in buggies, there are many factors to consider and these illustrations only serve to highlight density for a uniformly sized crowd.  


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Corporate manslaughter and homicide act 2007

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