Module 8 - Queueing Systems

The focus of this activity is to establish the principles of how queues form and how crowds react in queueing systems. We outline the balance between safety (screening/searching) and security coupled with the crowd risks when queueing regimes are changed. We cover the principles of queueing behaviour, psychology and dynamics. We introduce the delegates to the general queueing model formula for determining queue build up over time. We focus on the balance between crowd safety and crowd security.

Lesson Topics

       (1)    Queueing behavior

       (2)    Queueing systems

       (3)    Balancing safety and security for events/venues/sites

       (4)    Ingress (arrival rates)

       (5)    Egress queuing systems

       (6)    Site design for queueing systems

       (7)    Using the queueing models


Sample slides


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