New users - FAQ's

1.       I didn’t get the email:

As you have reached this page or received the email/PDF then we can confirm you are registered on the system. 

The problem is <> will appear as spam/junk - so the email with your registration is caught in you spam/junk filter. 

If you are using an inhouse system, you need to put on your white list, or ensure your local setting do not block this email.

Please note, if you received the invite email - we can confirm that your email is correct on the system.

2.     My login/password does not work: 

Please ensure that you copy and paste the temporary password as it appears in this email. Often users will accidentally add an additional space or other character from the keyboard before or after the password (especially those using tablets or mobile devices). Please ensure you use the email address stated above for login. Your email MUST be in lowercase.

3.       My login still does not work: 

This happens to a small number of users. The easiest way to resolve this is by clicking on Forgotten your username or password? and entering your email address. This automatically allows you to request a new (temporary) password. You should receive an email with a password reset within a few minutes.

4.       Which course am I on? 

There are at the moment three different courses: “COVID-19: Place Management Course”, “Fundamentals of Crowd Safety”, and “Introduction to Crowd Science”. You only have access to the courses that you are registered (either self or via your company).

 You will have received an introductory email by me stating which course you are on. 

If you see the message “You cannot enroll yourself in this course.” (on the bottom left of the screen below the course title) you have accessed the wrong course. You should access a different course.

5.       I have another problem / I am not sure what happened: 

Our system is well equipped to resolve issues very quickly. However, in order to help, we need details about the error you are experiencing. Therefore, please send me the following information using my email and describe as best as possible the issue: Type of computer/device used, operating system, description of the problem, particularly at which stage of logging in exactly did the issue occur and error message received.

6.    What should I do next / How does the course work? 

Each learning module /lesson consists of 2 folders – Lectures, and Topic Discussion Forum. You should go to the Lectures folder first. Here you will find video files, which form the lecture content. If you have any questions or comments or something you would like to share with other learners, you may post on the Topic Discussion Forum. 

It can be very valuable to others if you post your questions, so that all learners can see the answers. 

If you go through all the lectures one by one in your own time, you should be ready to take the final assessment test. Remember it is not a race – take your time. 

All the slides have been placed in a central download folder alongside background reading. 

You can access these from the link on the Introduction section on your course. The Background Materials will help you deepen your understanding of the topic.

7.       I want to ask about a lecture / topic: 

Always use the Topic Discussion Forums for each lesson for the benefit of all other learners. Please do not ring, email, WhatsApp or text about the lectures. By using the forums, we can reply to all.

8.       I still have a technical issue / I am not sure about the e-learning portal / I worry about the assessment: 

Please send me an email on – I’m always happy to help where I can. 

9.       How do I find out about updates and news regarding the e-learning portal? 

Check the announcements section of your course

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