Module 15 - Emergency Situations

Fire 3

In this module, we outline the behavioural elements for an emergency situation, viewing the problems of emergency egress from the crowd’s perspective. We cover the human factors during emergency situations with specific focus on behavioural based safety, emergency communications.

Lesson Topics

       (1)    Media issues and media management

       (2)    Planning and anticipating problems

       (3)    The recovery cycles

       (4)    Communication with the Crowd

       (5)    Mixed messages

       (6)    Crowd behavior in an emergency

       (7)    Modelling major site evacuation plans

       (8)    How to use a real-time evacuation system

       (9)    Example – human behavior in an emergency

    (10)    Complacency on a site

    (11)    Modelling evacuation

    (12)    Understanding human behavior in an emergency

    (13)    Behavioral based safety

    (14)    Egress strategies and decision support analysis


Sample slides


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