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Prof. Still has taught the Crowd Science (Introduction to Crowd Science and Applied Crowd Science) courses at Fondation Degree (Level 5) and BA Hons (Level 6) since 2010 at Bucks New University. He developed and teaches a wide range of lectures and short courses around the world. Over the last two decades he developed, and teaches, a range of short course (click here for a course overview) on the core topics of Crowd Science (Crowd Safety and Crowd Risk Analysis). Keith also delivers bespoke training courses, delivered at client sites, that focus on specific site/event issues and concerns.


How do I qualify as a trainer?

There are three key steps for qualification in train the trainer. 

1.      Complete the course, as a delegate, and achieved a Metit or Distinction level pass.

2.     Attend the 4 day “Train the trainer” course where you will be provided with the background and support materials for the course delivery - this can be completed online.

3.     Deliever the course materials (under supervised conditions) with a registered tutor, for a certified trainer qualification.


How to teach the materials

Pedagogy is the discipline that deals with the theory and practice of education; the study and practice of how best to teach. We run the train-the-trainer course with specific focus on how to deliver the Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis materials to different types of delegates and cultures. If you are interested in becomming a qualified trainer, send me an email, outlining your backgroud, professional qualifications and teaching/training experience.


Where is the course on the educational hierarchy

There are a range of endorsed programmes that are not recognised by the academic institutions. Although these have some value (training) the problem can be in converting these endorsed prorgammes and/or moving into a recognised accredited programme for formal qualifications. 

I teach a module at Level 5, another at Level 6 and the complete MSc programme at Level 7. This means the materials on this short course map to level 5, 6 and 7 at a University degree (UG) for under graduate and post graduate (PG) programmes.

The train the trainer programme ensures the quality of the teaching materials and mapping to further education.



Course Delivery

The course is delivered by Prof. Dr. G. Keith Still and takes the trainer through the wide range of materials, including presentation style and delegate management skills. An essential element of course delivery is the structure of the key learning points and how they relate to queueing theory, mass behaviour and crowd psychology. 

Keith covers the scientific background of the four main tools (DIM-ICE, RAMP Analysis, Risk and Congestion Mapping and the Decision Support Analysis) and their application for crowd safety and risk analysis in places of public assembly. He outlines the course structure and why key elements of face to face delivery require a layered approach to the key learning process. He covers the theory, development, delivery and background to his workshop approach to pedagogy.

Presentation style and consistent delivery are a core requirement for qualification of the Train the Trainer programe. 

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