Module 6 - Crowd Counting

Crowd counting is alway controversial. Organisers (and politicians) typically over estimate their numbers, but that can put a strain on future resources. Consider an event, claimed to have 1,000,000 attending (but it was only 100,000). The security/police budget is 1/10th of the resources needed for an actual 1,000,000 person event. Now consider the next event, where an anticipated (actual) 500,000 persons are anticipated. The budget may set against the actual cost of managing the previous (1,000,000 persons) event and you run into the problems. We’ve seen the “but it wasn’t 1,000,000 last time” claims to which the answer is typically, “then why didn’t you say so at the time”….

In this lecture, we teach the principles of estimating, in real-time, the crowd numbers.


Sample slides

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