Fundamentals of Crowd Safety (FCS)

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Level 3 Fundamentals of Crowd Safety

"Keith’s Level 3 FCS gives a fantastic overview of the key aspects to crowd safety. This is a perfect course for people embarking on their crowd safety academic route, or people wanting a great refresher. The content is informative and flows well between each module. The assessment process is well thought out and ensures you have developed an in depth understanding of the subject matter. I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to embark on their academic journey, or people for whom academic writing is a scary thought."


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We have developed an eLearning version of the “Fundamentals of crowd safety” a short course we run for practitioners around the world. 

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There are 13 core modules in the Fundamentals of Crowd Science course. Each topic covers an aspect of crowd science, crowd dynamics, crowd risk analysis, crowd safety and crowd/event modelling. The course is an approved training programme from the International Institue of Risk and Safety Management and a Level 3 course accredited course  (Highfield).

The short course is in the same format and style as the Introduction to Crowd Sciecne, CV-19: Place Management and the online MSc in Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis at Manchester Metroplitan University, also written by Prof. Still. 

To view a short Video of the Course Outline - click here.

eLearners have 

  • Access to the learning materials (video lectures, PDF’s of the slides) 
  • Supporting documents and papers
  • The 3D crowd modelling software (see this link for details)
  • Forum discussion with our experts and other international students
  • Essay writing advice
  • Graded certificate of achievement


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Course topics - click on the title below for a brief overview of each topic

1.            Introduction and Overview 

2.           Crowd Dynamics - crowd density and crowd flow rates

3.           Crowd Modelling - mapping sites

4.           RAMP Analysis - routes, areas, movement and profiles/people

5.          Crowd Counting

6.           Crowd Room Information

7.           Queueing Systems

8.           Crowd Risk Analysis

9.          Event Egress Analysis

10.        Strategic and Tactical Analysis

11.         Emergency Situations

12.         Course Summary


Access the Moodle site with this link

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