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We used to run 20 - 30 short courses around the world every year, we have converted everything to online/distance learning from Level 3 (fundamentals of crowd safety) to the MSc in Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis.


PEC’s Course (Public Event Commanders - Crowd Science)

A great course, really useful and informative and well delivered. I’m promoting it to others, and have started to use the learning in the prep for the Godiva Festival. If its ok I will pass on your details to colleagues to understand more on how you used Keith Still’s [material]. Sarah Boycott. Assistant Chief Constable, Local Policing, West Midlands Police

Antwerp. Belgium. Campus Vesta 

Thanks for the amazing courses and great toolkit. 

Many thanks for a great three days of crowd science.

Enjoyed the class thoroughly and can and will recommend it.

I thoroughly enjoyed the three day course in Antwerp. Apart from being very informative and helping me put a theoretical base to my years of experience, it was entertaining as well, which made it easy to stay focused on all the information you shared. Thank you for that.

We have received a great deal of information and learned a lot on these three days.


“Keith Still’s  workshops have focussed the minds of many people in realising just how easy it can be for disaster to occur, and equally how simple the solutions often are.” Eric Stuart, Chair of the UK Crowd Management Association


Dublin with Safe Events

Thank you for such a wonderful and educational week. It was great to meet you at the Crowd Safety event and I have taken away so much from these three days.

Holland, Apeldoorn

Excellent three days, we all learned so much and applied it to our own sites on the third day. 

I would like to thank you for three very interesting and energetic days during the short course in Apeldoorn. The short course really enhanced my knowledge on the theory and concepts you presented.


Brilliant, inspirational.

Canada (Ottawa and Calgary)

Great to see so many people (50+) attend and learn so much over the three days course - I’m signing up for the MSc



Many thanks for a very enjoyable couple of days during the course. I have to say that it was one of the best I've attended 

Canadian/USA quotes

My team and I have heard wonderful things about your Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis course, and while some of us did attend your recent seminar in Ottawa, the whole team would very much love an opportunity to meet with you and organize a training course on Crowd Science. We believe it can be very good knowledge to have in our line of work as we deal with Major events in Parliamentary Precinct. 

KEITH – Thank you so very much for the best 3 days of learning that I have spent in sometime! I also enjoyed the collaboration with my fellow classmates. We need to expand and carry this forward throughout our sports/entertainment profession.

Shannan Tiffin, Captain of Support Services/Emergency Management at Duke University Police Department, found the workshop to be very beneficial. “There is not a lot out there about crowd behavior and psychology,” said Tiffin. “The workshop provided us with a simplified approach to understanding the behaviors of how people act, and ingress and egress from a venue or stadium.”

Rebecca Wilusz, Associate Director of Game Operations & Champion at Duke University Athletics, agrees with Tiffin. “Keith has done a great job of making the information accessible – I have left the workshop with both simple and effective tools to be able to build better plans and train our athletics staff more efficiently.

Australian tour (Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane)

The knowledge gained during this course has been invaluable.

Many thanks for a very informative few days last week on the course. This course raised the bar for me in terms of referencing events and utilising the tools and knowledge to better assist event organisers. Most enjoyable and useful.

Thanks for all the documentation and the course itself! One of the best training courses I’ve attended in a long time.

Click here for a 30 minute course overview.


Manchester Metropolitan University Workshop

"On a personal basis it allowed me to confidently state my case with a client why such safety measures where required. It was a completely new event site and when the ‘Flamming Lips’ came on stage we had a robust crowd management plan in place with crowd spotters deployed.  I needed every bit of your course and not sure the outcome if I hadn’t attended. Probably, like everyone else, we would have crossed our fingers!" Jonathan Cunningham MBE. Managing Director. STORM Consultancy (2015)

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Institute of Licensing (two day seminar/workshop)

"Prior to the course I was unsure as to how relevant and useful it would be for my role. It was very relevant and indeed eye opening. I was given an insight into issues that I had not previously even considered and now was able to see the importance as well as given a grasp of what I needed to do in future. The relevance of the content included crowd management, health and safety, licensing and public order, all of which are vital in my role as an operational police officer. I would thoroughly recommend it to others. It also helped that the delivery was interesting and thought provoking." IoL Delegate 

"I would recommend this course to all those in the Police service who have a responsibility for event planing or involvment on ESAGs."  IoL Delegate


Following our recent courses in Australia (Aug and Oct 2014)

“The delegates confidence in dealing with Stakeholders and Authorities has shown no boundaries has since they can now show a safety concept that is practical and accountable……..the issues we now have is curbing their  enthusiasm with the amount of information!! You can not ignore a Diagram, Graph or Map as it is based around one of major senses….Sight! As a company…the staff can see what I see with regards to Crowd Management. Jim Fidler – Fda,JP. Director

“A fantastic and beneficial course, it was the only course I had ever done where I was upset when it finished, the course provides a unique and mathematical approach to crowd engineering, the consensus of all who attended was that it provided us with the tools and confidence to do our job” Operations Manager, Sydney Opera House (2014)

“This course opens your eyes to the potential issues with Mass Gatherings. As well as providing an individual with the tools and knowledge to assess the event plans and proposed mitigation for major events. With the introduction of the Crowd Science Qualification it would be in your best interest to attend. The delivery and information provided is beyond reproach and glad to see the course in Australia! CEO Canberra Exhibition Park (2014)


"Keith Still’s crowd safety courses/workshops have focussed the minds of many people in realising just how easy it can be for disaster to occur, and equally how simple the solutions often are.” Eric Stuart, former Metropolitan Police Event Planner for Notting Hill Carnival and London New Year Events


SXSW Music is one of the largest music festivals in the United States, with more than 2,000 performers playing in more than 90 venues. SXSW is the highest revenue-producing event for the Austin (Texas, USA) economy, with an estimated economic impact of $167 million in 2011.

"Prof. Still's crowd safety workshop gave us valuable, specific, practical information that we could use in many different ways to improve our event. It was presented in a fantastic way using talks, videos, exercises, and discussions that really brought the group together. We had 30 people, half from our organization and half were various City first responders (Fire, Police, EMS). One of the best things that happened was getting to go through two three-day workshops with all of these people that you talk with for maybe 30 minutes at most.

"The team-building and connections that Prof. Still's crowd safety workshop offered were worth it on their own. But in addition a whole team of people got the knowledge and the lens through which to view crowd management and engagement in the most beneficial and practical way possible. It was fantastic." Brad Spies (SXSW), Austin, Texas (2012)

“The City of Austin is host to several mass gatherings that include music festivals, collegiate sporting events, and holiday celebrations. Dr. Still’s crowd safety workshops provided tools and insights that will improve my ability to predict potential issues, create plans to address the predicted issues and manage the crowds that these events bring; ultimately creating safer events for our citizens.  If you are responsible for the management of large gatherings, I would recommend this workshop for you and your team." Pete DiDonato, Division Chief, Austin - Travis County Emergency Medical Services, Austin Texas USA (July 2011)


Crowd Science Workshop Feb 2014 - Edgbaston

"Thanks very much for last week – on a personal level I found your thoughts and experience intriguing and extremely thought provoking. Exactly what I was anticipating. Today is the first day I have been  back into the office at Edgbaston – several of my colleagues have become converts! So thanks very much again for your contribution!"


Crowd Science Workshop Jan 2014 - London

"Our entire team found the training session on crowd management to be very beneficial - the tips and techniques that you discussed should prove to be very valuable when put to practice at our events.


Crowd Science Workshop October 2013

"Keith was fantastic! Very knowledgable with strong delivery."

"Very enjoyable course. Valuable subject matter that made me think. Trainer very knowledgable."

"Very good course,  it was delivered in a light hearted manner with the seriousness brought into it.”

"Very enjoyable and I have learned a great deal."

"First class course.  Very well presented and used excellent examples to demonstrate the principles."


Crowd Science Workshop Sept 2013

"Keith is very knowledgeable in his subjects and good at explaining and delivering course content. I found the course beneficial and enjoyable."

"Very enjoyable and informative course. Easy to grasp concepts and employ to real life situations. Keith put complex issues into straightforward concepts and used current, relevant examples to demonstrate principles."

"The course has been well presented and modelled to fit the size and composition of the class. The direction, content and learning outcomes are very useful.”


"How to plan a safe event" - Institute of Licensing March 2013

"I've been organising events for over 30 years and was fascinated in the more scientific approach given.  A charismatic presenter who makes it seem like common sense."

"Fascinating and wanted to know more.  It crystalised a topic which I thought was instinctive into a more concrete set of principles."

"Invaluable checklist for myself as an event organiser and as a member of a SAG to check other organisers are following correct procedures."

"Fascinating information.  I would definitely attend a course that was even more in depth and over a longer period or in several sessions."

"Charismatic speaker who I felt was at the cutting edge of the science.  In fact he sets the rules on this topic.  If only he was writing an additional section to the event organisers 'bible' - The Purple Guide."

"I'll be reading more on the topics covered now that I've had such great information."

"Prof. Still needs to work alongside the HSE to improve the Purple Guide and also there should be some form of qualifiaction that should be held in order for any organiser to hold a public event." 

"Prof. Still’s practises were innovative in all respects. Fantastic course.  When is there another one?"


Crowd Science Workshop Dec 2012

"Absolutely brilliant"

"Enjoyed the diverse range of examples of application of the process in live projects that Keith delivered.""

"Keith was a great teacher and you can tell he has loads of experience which really helps."

"Thanks Keith, your real world experience gives the course credibility as well as comprehensive academic knowledge. Cheers."


Crowd Science Workshop May 2012

"Better understanding of crowd behaviour relevant to my own specific area."

"Encouraged a warm open environment, ideal for discussion and exchange of information. Also, comfortable to ask questions and group feedback."


Crowd Science Workshop April 2011

"Excellent course giving a formula and structure to make complex important issues easy to understand and communicate. Thank you."

"Both trainers delivered potentially confusing subjects in an uncomplicated way. The course was thoroughly enjoyable and I found its content will be useful to me in my work. Well worth doing."


 Crowd Science Workshop Oct 2010

"Really very impressed with both presenters though particularly with Keith who presented the majority of the material."

"A very informative and worthwhile course.  A good mixture of lecture and interactivity.  Keith and Bev are extremely knowledgeable and delivered the information / course material really well."


Crowd Science Workshop April 2010

"I came to the course unsure how to begin a crowd management plan and I left with a clear focus and structure of how to write it."

"Overall, a very worthwhile course, that opened doors to future learning.  Thanks."

"This course gave me a good insight into how to work out basic ingress/egress and event capacities."


Crowd Science Workshop February 2010

"This course has taught me about crowd management and how effective this can be to prevent issues of public disorder." 

"A very well delivered course, would advise others to attend!! Although I attended with little experience I now feel competent to put what I have learned into practice. Many thanks."

"Keith worked hard to impart his knowledge and experience in this introduction to crowd dynamics... I found his input to be very informative and of value to me in my role. (Policing Major Events)"


Crowd Science Workshop November 2009

"It was quite clear that both trainers had prepared very well for the course and used their extensive knowledge to support the learning environment for all of the students"

"Very impressed with Keith Still's understanding of the problems and his ability to translate that to my level."


Crowd Science Workshop September 2009

"A well paced course with plenty of opportunity to apply the principles and objectives to your own events. 1st class lectures."

"It was really useful to get an overview of each individuals case study and the progress made on each section over the two days. Good to work alone as well, in order to focus us all." 


Crowd Science Workshop November 2008

"As a silver/bronze commander in charge of major events in both a large busy city and a football stadium, I feel confident that I can now plan and prepare to ensure a safer ingress, circulation and egress of crowd. Thanks for this course"

"Keith is an expert and an inspiration when talking about crowds"

"It was excellent having Keith presenting as a practitioner and expert"

"Excellent delivered course. Throughout the course found myself applying the models to my events and policing issues"


Crowd Science Workshop October 2008

"Prof Keith Still's presentations and knowledge knows no bounds. The course was fantastic. I am taking so much away, more especially a case study to review that I have not been previously involved in."

"This course is a must for emergency planning officers and silver support officers."


Crowd Science Workshop - Northern Ireland June 2008

"This was singularly the most informative and impactive course I have ever attended. Your depth of knowledge, experience and delivery style was second to none."

"Keith’s delivery is first class and put across his points in a very approachable and understandable manner."


Crowd Science Workshop Workshop October 2007 

"This is a must attend course for those making critical event decisions"


Crowd Science Workshop Workshop July 2007

"This was the most useful course I have done as it was very practical and hands on and contained some very precise methods for calculating crowd density etc." 


Crowd Science Workshop Workshop Nov 2006

"Excellent presentation - now understand the relationship between density and crowd flow and the importance of applying the use of (flow simulation tools) towards good planning"


Crowd Science Workshop October 2006

"The whole course / workshop was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed it, learnt a hell of a lot and would recommend this to anyone involved in organising an event in the county. Thank you Keith, excellent."


Crowd Science Workshop Feb 2006

"The course provided an excellent insight of how to plan and prepare for an event at which it is anticipated there will be large crowds. It highlighted possible problematic situations/pitfalls and explained well what measures should be implemented to either prevent these or how to deal with them."


Crowd Science Workshop November 2005

"Exceeded my expectations and provided very useful and relevant information"


Crowd Science Workshop November 2004

"This event covered a good number of topics within this subject highlighting areas that in the past have been overlooked"

"Keith's examples and photographs/film support - excellent communicator and Course Director."

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