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"The ultimate test of your knowledge is your capacity to convey it to another." 

Richard Feynman


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Anticipate - Prepare - Prevent

“Keith Still’s crowd courses have focussed the minds of many people in realising just how easy it can be for disaster to occur, and equally how simple the solutions often are.” Eric Stuart, former Metropolitan Police Event Planner for Notting Hill Carnival and London New Year Events

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Our range of on-site training courses.

We run several types of APEL and Short Courses in Crowd Science, Crowd Dynamics, Crowd Safety and Crowd Risk Analysis around the world. Below is a list of our most popular courses - click here for a list of dates and locations

1 day Introduction Crowd Science 

2 day Introduction to Crowd SAfety and Risk Analysis

3 day APEL course  Introduction to Crowd SAfety and Risk Analysis

4 day APEL course  Introduction to Crowd SAfety and Risk Analysis with Site Visit/Site Survey

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Prof. Still has delivered short courses for over two decades, around the world. This is a three day short course/workshop (lectures plus delegate application exercises) delivered at client sites around the world. Individuals can either book onto a scheduled course or complete the course online (click here for further information). Organisations may host a short course at their site, venue or location focussing on core issues relating to a specific event, site or location.  


Delegates will be issued with certificates of attendance and have the option to submit work for assessment for further certification for APEL (Acredited Prior Experiential Learning), a route for direct entry to the University MSc in Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis. 

iirsm approved training May18 May21APEL or Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning, is a process that enables you to receive formal recognition for skills and knowledge you already possess that have not been previously assessed or awarded academic recognition.

The course is approved training by the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM)


Train the Trainer course

We run the train-the-trainer course with specific focus on how to deliver the Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis materials to different types of delegates and cultures. If you are interested in becomming a qualified trainer, send an email, outlining your backgroud, professional qualifications and teaching/training experience.


Delegates will be issued with an Approved Trainer certificate on successful completion of the course.


Bespoke crowd safety and risk analysis courses and workshops

We have over two decades of event experience and can run workshops for small or large groups at your site, anywhere in the world. Previous workshops were run in the UAE (Dubai), Saudi Arabia, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Holland, Germany, USA, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales. We can tailor a course to an event, a site or a venue. Email us to outline your specific training requirements and we will work with you on price and delivery.



We run a series of half day lecture/presentation sessions for small to large groups (20 - 200) as an introduction to the topics covered on the workshop, raising awareness of problems associated with crowd modelling, monitoring and management. Over the last three decades years we have run these workshops, around the world, introducing the core concepts of crowd risk analysis, crowd modelling, monitoring and management for crowd safety. Lecture material covers specific examples of crowd related disasters that could have been avoided, with appropriate training. Send us an email for further information. 

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