Introduction to Crowd Science (VLE)


We have developed an eLearning version of the “Introduction to Crowd Science" (Crowd Safety and Crowd Risk Analysis) short course we run around the world. This online, self-paced course teaches the theory and applications of crowd safety and risk analysis for major events. 

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Successful completion of this on-line course can be used as an Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) route for entry to the MSc in Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis at Manchester Metroplitan University. 

Each topic below is hyperlinked to a page of indicative content. The course support book can be found on this link and a list of our international partners is on this link

There are 16 core modules in the “Introduction to Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis” eLearning course. Each topic covers aspects of crowd science, crowd dynamics, crowd risk analysis, crowd safety and crowd/event modelling. 

There are forum discussions integrated to each learning element and two wirtten assessments for a certificate of achievement.


To access the Moodle site with this link. 

1.             Introduction and Overview 

2.            DIM-ICE Risk Analysis

3.            Crowd Dynamics - crowd density and crowd flow rates

4.            Crowd Modelling - mapping sites

5.            RAMP Analysis - routes, areas, movement and profiles/people

6.            Crowd Monitoring and Influencing Behaviour

7.            Introduction to Queueing Systems

8.            Crowd Risk Analysis - Risk and Congestion Mapping 

9.            Site Design - evaluating crowd flows

10.         Site Egress Analysis - Case Study

11.          Optimising Emergency Response Times

12.         Crowd Simulations

13.         Decision Analysis - Communications, risk and emergency responses

14.         Emergency Situations and Crowd Behaviour

15.         Course Summary

16.         Academic Writing and Harvard Referencing


The refresher course content is listed below. In these areas, you will find the lectures (no assessment) for former delegates who wish to revisit course materials. 

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1.             Introduction and overview 

2.            The DIM-ICE risk model 

3.            Crowd dynamics and crowd risks (Static and Moving) 

4.            RAMP Analysis 

5.            Introduction to queueing systems 

6.            Risk Analysis 

7.            Decision support analysis 

8.            Emergency Situations and Crowd Behaviour


Access the Moodle site with this link

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