Capt. Marcel Altenburg

Marcel Altenburg

Marcel has an extensive background in command and control as well as critical incident management. He served 12 years in the German Federal Armed Forces, as Captain and Unit Commander of Ground Combat Troops and has over a decade of experience working with the world´s biggest marathons regarding operations and safety.

He is Manchester Metropolitan University´s Enterprise Delivery Fellow since Jan 2017 and provides crowd science solutions regarding safety, risk and efficiency for projects around the world. 

Working with Prof. Dr. G. Keith Still on the development of crowd safety and risk analysis (from short courses through to the MSc programme at MMU) Marcel brings considerable experience to the table. 

Marcel is a regular keynote speaker in Europe, America and Asia and has translated the short course into German.


M.A.                                                                     Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg (2008 - 2012)

M.Sc.                                                                   Manchester Metropolitan University   (2015 - )

                                                                             “Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis”      

German TÜV certified                                     Supervisor at Events       

Noticeable Crowd Safety Project

Various Marathon races                                   of 40,000+ people 

Stadia in Europe and US                                 of 75,000+ people

Concerts and Arenas                                        of 80,000+ people                              

Various projects                                                of up to 1,000,000 people

(Street Events, Transport Hubs and Exhibitions)

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