Project experience

This is a list of some of the major events/sites and projects we’ve been involved with over the last 28 years.

Sports events

Sydney Olympics

Beijing Olympic Stadium

London Olympics

Twickenham (UK)

Swedbank Arena Project (Sweden)

Commonwealth Games (UK)

Millennium Stadium (UK)

Wembley Stadium (UK)

Football Licensing Authority Concourses (UK)

Hong Kong Jockey Club

Premier League Persistent Standing (modelling project)

Penn State (USA)

Everton Fan Zone (UK)

Etihad - Manchester City Stadium (UK)

Beşiktaş - Vodafone Arena (Turkey)

Liverpool Stadium

Religious festivals

Jamarat Bridge, Saudi Arabia (2000 - 2006)

Al-Haram, Saudi Arabia (2006 - 2009)

Diwali, Leicester

Major events

Royal Wedding 2011

MCFC and MUFC Victory Parades, Manchester

Leicester Caribbean Carnival

Glastonbury Music Festival, UK

Hampton Court Flower Show

Great Manchester Run

London New Year Event

Aberdeen Hogmanay

Mathew Street Festival (Liverpool)

Gerrard Street Leg of the Olympic Torch Relay London Gold Standard Modelling

London Olympics

Penn Stadium (Nebraska v Penn State)

Lincoln Christmas Market

Birmingham Christmas Market

T in the Park (Scotland)

Canada Day (Ottawa)

Dubai New Year (2017/18)

City centre and retail

Paradise Street Development Area, Liverpool

Jabal Omar Development (Makkah - Saudi Arabia)

Al Mashaaer Al Mugaddassah Metro Project bid Saudi Arabia (2008)

West Kowloon Cultural District Bid

Covent Garden Ticket Hall Retail Analysis

Westfield, Olympic Park (London)

Austin, Texas (SXSW)

Lincoln Christmas Market

Birmingham Christmas Market

Manchester Arena

EMAAR - Dubai Mall - UAE

Royal Festival Hall (London)

Canada Day (Ottawa)

Dubai New Year (2017/18)

Festivals and street events

Glastonbury Festival

Chelsea Flower Show

Hampton Court Flower Show

Great Manchester Run

Lincoln Christmas Market (2005/2006)

London New Year Event (2006, 2007, 2008)

Aberdeen Hogmanay – New Year Event (2007)

Mathew Street Festival (Liverpool)

Lewes Fireworks (Nov 5th)

Aberdeen Fireworks (Nov 5th)

Gerrard Street Leg of the Olympic Torch Relay London Gold Standard Modelling (Beijing Torch Relay)

Royal Parks (London)

Austin, Texas (SXSW)

T in the Park

Royal Festival Hall (London)

Caanda day (Ottawa)

Protest March (Manchester - police planning) 

Dubai New Year (2017/18)


Cubic Transportation Ltd

London Olympic 2012 bid

Dwell Modelling - Alstom, Porterbrook, Bombardier, Interfleet

Wembley Complex Station (Marshalling Study)

Chesterfield Railway Station

Westfield (Olympics Gateway)


Kuala Lumpur Conference Centre Aquarium

Cleethorpes Outdoor Arena Development

Manchester Museum

NAA (National Arenas Association)

Liverpool Arena and Conference Centre

Premier League (UK Football) - Safety in Stands (Modelling project)

Royal Parks (London)

Manchester Arena

Royal Festival Hall (London)

Dubai New Year (2017/18)


Canary Wharf (London Financial District 2003)

Chelsea Flower Show

Labour Party Conferences

Amsterdam Police

Barclays Bank

Manchester Sport City

Swedbank Arena Concourses

Manchester Arena

Beşiktaş - Vodafone Arena (turkey)

Dubai New Year (2017/18)

Legal cases

Clear Channel (Night Club Overcrowding) - Report and court attendance

London Underground (Personal Injury) - Report and analysis

Senate House Committee USA (Testimony) - Report and Senate Testimony

New York State USA (Personal Injury) - Report and analysis, Supreme court witness

Nottingham, UK - Lava and Ignite (Fatalities)  - Report and analysis

Birmingham, UK JLS (Personal Injury) - Report and analysis

Hillsborough Inquiry, UK (Risk Analysis) - Report and analysis 

Duisburg, Germany - Love Parade (Mass Fatalities) - Report and analysis

London, UK - Event (Personal Injury) - Report and analysis

Chicago, USA - Crowd Crush (Personal Injury) - Report and analysis, deposition

Las Vegas, USA - Crowd Problem (Personal Injury) - Report and analysis

Memphis, USA - Crowd Problem (Personal Injury) - Report and analysis

Scotland, Major event, Crowd Problem (Personal Injury) - Report and analysis

Courses and Workshops

Click here for workshop link

UK Cabinet Office, Emergency Planning College (1999 - 2012)

Institute of Leisure & Amenity Management

Amsterdam Police

Leicester City Council

Nottingham City Council

N.E. Lincolnshire City Council

Norway, Sector Protection

Sweden, Crowd Dynamics and Safety at Festival and Mass Gatherings

Cleethorpes, Outdoor Arena Development

Wembley Stadium Complex

Salford City Council

Met. Police CO11 Crowd Dynamics Training

Liverpool Arena and Conference Centre

Australia, Melbourne Police

Saudi Arabia, Jeddah (Jamarat Bridge, Mina and the Holy Mosque Al-Haram, Makkah)

Windsor - Royal Events

USA, Washington DC. (Evacuation Planning)

Austin, Texas (SXSW)

Portugal, Lisbon (CEPOL)

Sussex Police workshop (Olympic Torch Relay)

Aberdeen Police/City Council

Institute of Licensing (Manchester and Camden workshop)

Bristol City Council

Edgbaston Cricket 

Hampden Park

Birmingham City Council

Lancashire Country Cricket Club

Lancaster City Centre

Sydney (Police College)

Sydney (Premiers Department)

Institute of Licensing

Manchester Arena

ESI - Holland (Phillips Stadium)

Australian workshop tour - Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

Sydney Opera House

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (Penrith)

Dubai Mall - EMAAR - UAE

Tomorrow Land (Belgium)

ESI - Utrecht (Holland)

Dublin - Fingal County Council

Canada - Ottawa and Edmonton


Melbourne Cricket Ground

Royal Festival Hall (London)

Dublin (Marathon)

Ottawa (Canada Day)

Calgary (Stampede)

New Zealand (Auckland) 

Safe Events (Dublin

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